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Frontpoint Security Camera Systems Review

Frontpoint Security Camera Systems Review

FrontPoint is a US-based company offering service to Canadian households. They focus primarily in providing homeowners with a hundred percent wireless and cellular home security systems. FrontPoint Security is among the first ever home security companies to leverage such technology and up until today, they are still quite ahead of the curve. A lot of customers love this company simply because they provide an affordable solution to your home security needs, regardless of where you live. Indeed, FrontPoint Security Camera Systems are the best option. But in order to find out more about the company, you better read this review now.

FrontPoint Security Pros

Let us first find out the advantages or the pros of choosing FrontPoint for your home security needs. First of all, they are the only company that provides wireless home security system, as well as GSM based monitoring services, allowing you to monitor your home using your mobile phone. With this feature, you will be able to keep your home protected without the need to use a landline or an Internet Connection. FrontPoint Security Camera Systems are useful especially if you live in rural areas or if you simply want to cut back on your day to day expenses.

Another great thing about FrontPoint is the fact that they do not need to send over a professional installer to help you in setting up your home security system simply because their products feature an easy self-setup system. This is in fact one of the reasons why FrontPoint is mostly preferred by customers who are looking for a Do-it-Yourself home security system. They are cheaper too since you will no longer need to pay for the installation fees and other service charges. But the greatest thing about choosing FrontPoint Security Camera Systems for your home security needs is that their products come with a 30 day free trial period. So if you are doubtful about the FrontPoint security, yet, you still would want to give it a try, then you better take advantage of this 30 day free trial.

Minor Drawbacks

The Internet is packed with so many reviews coming from customers who have tried different kinds of home security products and services. And while FrontPoint Security is among those companies that have gained a lot of positive feedback online, it also received some minor complaints from customers who have tried their products. One customer has claimed that the customer service is not highly efficient at all, although a lot of customers have disagreed on this claim. As a matter of fact, if you call the customer service line of FrontPoint, you will receive a VIP treatment and the company will make sure to address your concerns as soon as possible.


If you are looking for an affordable but high quality home security camera, it’s safe to say FrontPoint Security is your best option. You may want to visit their website for more details .

Frontpoint Security Phone: 1-888-707-2339

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